Windy came to us an orphan- someone found her all alone at far too young of an age to be so. They called Wildworks, asking we or anyone we knew could nurse this baby squirrel back to health and release her once she was big enough. When Windy arrived, however, it became apparent that something was not quite right with her. Windy was blind.

She was most likely born blind and, since squirrels rely on their eyesight quite a bit in order to climb and leap through trees as well as look out for predators, this is probably the reason her mother abandoned her. Windy never would have survived as a wild squirrel. Luckily, we had enough space to give her a permanent home where she would never need to watch for predators. Her enclosure is kept exactly the same- Windy has the position of the branches and shelves memorized so that she can move around comfortably and confidently. She still has plenty of room to climb and does so.

Windy's unusually calm demeanor (for a squirrel) means that we can go in with her to hang out and give her treats, as well as clean and feed her. She loves peanuts and grapes and is very interested in the dogs when they come to say hi.

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