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Question:  What was the first animal you had at Nature of Wildworks?


From:  Joanna - Topanga, CA


The first animal to grace our center was Phoenix the mountain lion. In captivity, mountain lions enjoy the same life span as a house cat: approximately ten to twenty years. So when he passed away at age twenty he had lived a very long life here. In his old age Phoenix experienced some problems with arthritis, but he remained otherwise healthy throughout his life with us.

Question:  What do your animals eat?


From:  Kathy - Sedona, AZ


Here at The Nature of Wildworks our cats eat a balanced meat diet that includes the minerals and vitamins they would get from eating whole animals in nature. The raptors eat mice, rats, chicks, and quail (not live). Our omnivorous animals, like skunks and opossums, eat a diet similar to our own, minus the junk food. Our skunk loves yogurt.

Question:  How do I keep my pets safe from coyotes?


From:  Julia - Thousand Oaks, CA


Your best bet is prevention, tall fences that also extend all the way into the ground, automatic lights, clearing out hiding places in bushes, and not leaving any food out. But this is not enough, you should always supervise your animals by keeping them on a leash while they are outside. Coyotes know humans are too large and scary.

Question:  We really want to go to Twenty Years Wild, can you tell us more about it?


From:  Steven and Kat - Topanga, CA


Glad to hear that you are hoping to attend our annual benefit! Twenty Years Wild is sure to be a wonderful afternoon with cocktails and hors d’oeuvres, animal presentation at 4:30, silent auction, celebrity guests, and much much more. This is our largest fundraiser of the year and all the proceeds from this event go to helping to care for our rescued animals. See you there!

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