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Striped Skunk

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Her Story

Wildflower is a beautiful female skunk that came to live at Wildworks in the fall of 2009. Skunks are legal pets in many states, but not in California. Even when they are raised and cared for by humans they are still wild animals and will often retain wild habits that can make them unsuitable to share our homes. Wildflower had been relinquished by her owners because of her energetic need to dig. Not just in the yard but also in the living room carpeting! Wildflower

In nature this is a favorite pastime of skunks because they use their long effective claws to forage for insects, their favorite food. But her enthusiastic clawing in the house didn’t work out so well for her. Fortunately, she lives here at Wildworks in her own outdoor enclosure where she can dig to her hearts content.

She loves insects but her voracious appetite doesn’t stop there. Everyday she’s fed a varied diet of fruit, veggies and meat, never leaving a bite on her plate and always ready for more.

Wildflower was born in a facility where skunks are raised to become pets. As a result she is very friendly and affectionate and enjoys the company of human friends. She is already a hard worker in our wildlife outreach programs traveling to schools to help us teach people about California’s native wildlife.

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