Volunteer Protocol


All new volunteers are required to attend an Orientation Class. Orientations are held at the Wildworks Care Center.
A volunteer application form must be filled out and submitted prior to or on orientation day.
Volunteers must be at least 18 years old.
Class fee is $35.00.

Direct Animal Care

Volunteers who wish to handle and work directly with the animals and help with presentations must volunteer at the facility for a minimum of 12 hours a month and be trained and approved by staff. Participants will be evaluated individually and will be cleared to work with select animals when staff feels they are ready.
**See below for more information.

Orientation topics covered include:

    1. A history of the organization and its mission and goals
    1. Compound Rules and Guidelines
    1. Introduction to the resident animals
    1. Animal care: cleaning, behavioral enrichment, animal training, facility maintenance
    1. SAFETY
    1. Emergency evacuation procedures
    1. Wildlife Presentations
    1. Fundraising
  1. Volunteer Commitment


Please wear clothing suitable for outdoor weather and DIRT! Sturdy shoes with traction are required AT ALL TIMES. Long pants, hand sanitizer, shade hat, work gloves, sunscreen, bug repellent and rain gear are recommended depending on weather conditions. Tools will be provided.

NO PETS are allowed on Wildworks grounds.


Drinking water is provided. You are welcome to bring your lunch.

TOURS of the facility are for financial contributors only. Appointments must be made in advance.

The Nature of Wildworks P.O. Box 109 Topanga, CA 90290 volunteercoordinator@natureofwildworks.org 310-455-0550


There will be NO TOUCHING of any animals except domestic dogs and cats until you have been cleared by staff. You will work under supervision, observing, learning the ropes, assisting with enclosure and facility cleaning and other projects. We routinely do outreach education shows or booths at schools, fairs, or other functions such as fundraisers. Volunteers may be invited to participate.


People who are interested in direct contact with the animals must volunteer for at least 12 hours a month directly caring for the wild and domestic animals on site for 6 months. Exceptions to this rule are committed people who are unable to do physical work but spend an equal amount of time working in the office or other duties.

Volunteers must make a reliable commitment for the SAME DAY each week. Volunteer hours are 10:00 to 3:00, depending on staff availability. Days available to volunteer may vary depending on staff schedule. The maximum volunteers we accept in one day is two, so the days available also depend on our current volunteers. Non-animal work such as carpentry, office work etc. can be scheduled separately. Except for emergency situations, you may cancel once a month only. PLEASE CALL, TEXT, OR EMAIL TO CANCEL 24 HOURS IN ADVANCE. Those who find that they cannot commit to the protocol or are having trouble attending after signing up will be asked to leave the volunteer program.


You can receive “volunteer benefits” after you have volunteered with us for six months! Only volunteers who come in consistently on their scheduled day every week for six consecutive months are eligible for their benefits. If you miss more than a month of volunteering, then you will have to wait another 6 months before you are eligible for benefits again.

Volunteers who are eligible can receive 2 tours or on-site classes a year for 15% off.

Volunteers who come in consistently for at least three weeks on their scheduled day every month for a year will receive one free tour (can be a group tour) a year.

***Outreach programs take a lot of time and paid staff hours. They are one of our main sources of income, and therefore, are not eligible for discounts to anyone.

** Volunteers will be evaluated on an on-going basis. Staff can terminate participation at any time if protocols are not being met.

Please contact staff at any time with any questions or problems. A big THANK YOU to you for your time, energy and devotion!!!!

For More Information please call us at (310) 455-0550
or Email us at volunteercoordinator@natureofwildworks.org

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