Trickster & Mesa




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Their Story


Trickster and Mesa as pups

Our brother & sister coyotes came to Wildworks in 2004 when they were just seven weeks old. When they first arrived, they nipped and growled when we handled them, even though they had been hand-raised. At the vet's the next morning it was discovered they both had Rickets, an abnormality in their bone structure caused by a calcium-deficient diet. They were growling at us because it hurt when we touched them. Fortunately, we were able to correct this condition by adding bone meal to a proper diet. Trickster was the runt of the litter. While his bigger sister tries to bully him around, he is more comfortable around people.



As they grew older, our coyote siblings grew more territorial, as coyotes are meant to be. Trickster and Mesa now each have a place of their own at the Nature of Wildworks. Mesa hangs out across from Trickster. Trickster loves participating in training sessions and Mesa enjoys playing with boxes and bags that we give her for enrichment. Both coyotes serenade us with a daily song. If you're lucky, you may hear them on a tour!

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