art"My name is Jack Bosson. I am an artist and currently an instructor of various drawing classes at The Gnomon School of Visual Effects in Hollywood, California. Among the different classes, offered in the Foundation Program at Gnomon, Animal Drawing has been one of my favorites. This is in no small part due to my collaboration with Mollie Hogan. Our collaborative relationship has extended over a period of thirteen years at least. We have worked together at various institutions, including Santa Monica College, Woodbury University, Loyola-Marymount University and, of course, Gnomon. At Gnomon, as at all the other schools, Animal Drawing is the class all the students look forward to taking. There is a kind of magic about it. Mollie not only performs as a handler and transporter of her exquisite charges, she is, in her own right, an inspired and inspiring teacher. Her knowledge of her animals and wild animals in general is astonishing. But what impresses me even more is her warmth and passionate, caring love for each and every one of her animals. Her compound, which I have visited, is a sanctuary, for creatures who have come to her as refugees, in many cases from homes where they have been kept as pets by people who didn't understand how to properly care for them. Often people will bring her young, abandoned, sometimes injured animals and Mollie, along with her staff and veterinarians, will see to their hurts and bring them back to health and provide a home for them. When she visits us, she communicates this love and this urgent sense of concern for the plight of all wild things in this ever shrinking environment that they must live in. Mollie never preaches, or forces her opinions on people. That's not her way. She teaches by quietly informing you, telling you a story, giving you information as you need it or request it. I have been a teacher off and on for over forty years. I think I know a great teacher when I meet one. Mollie is a great teacher because she is a great human being. Her mission, to care for and bring to our attention the fragility and beauty of wildlife around us, not only informs us of our responsibility to our fellow animals, it forces us to confront our own fragile humanity." I look forward to working with Mollie Hogan for many years to come. Jack Bosson Instructor, Gnomon School of Visual Effects Professor Emeritus, Woodbury University Former trainer, Artist Development, Disney Feature Animation

crowd"We have been bringing shows from Nature of Wildworks out to our sites for quite a few years. This group has done not only nature programs, but performances at some of our arts and crafts fairs and other events. Mollie and her crew do a wonderful job showing the wonder and beauty of wild animals with people who may have never seen a wild animal up close. The events have drawn such large crowds that we will have to move our indoor events to outdoor venues. The events are professionally done and are appreciated by the people who attend. I know that I can count on Nature of Wildworks to always bring a fabulous program to our community." Colleen Janssen Marketing and Community Outreach Specialist Rancho Simi Recreation and Park District www.rsrpd.org

regan"Nature of Wildworks was an amazing program for my students, my school; and for me, both personally and as a teacher. I have since retired and know that my school continues to have visits from Wildworks. It enriches the lives of students, and aligns perfectly with Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science curriculums. Even more powerful is how Wildworks touches the hearts and lives of students. The programs provide an up-close-and-personal encounter with the animals. Each animal has a name and a story, and the students relate to each of them. The students learn to care about these animals in a personal way, which in turn inspires them to care and be more responsible about wildlife, nature, and our planet in general. Once they look into the eyes of a Red Tail Hawk, or a Kestrel, or a Serval, they can never be the same. Since retiring, I have helped with Wildworks programs, and one of my favorite things is sponsoring both Bobby the Bobcat and Fern the Fox. Sponsorship connects me with those two special animals, and I feel part of the Wildworks mission of providing life-long care for them and all the Wildworks animals. Thanks to Wildworks for all you have done, and for all your dedication to wildlife, nature, and making our world a more caring place." Regan Chandler Nelson

"Dear Mollie, Thank you so much for the time you took yesterday to give our grandchildren and us a tour of The Nature of Wildworks. It's absolutely amazing and we were all enthralled, quite the experience to "hang out" with Bobby bobcat and to hear Pirate, the blind mountain lion, purr and touch that gorgeous creature.... just magical. Ava began reading the book you gave them the moment she got in the car and Zeke that evening when it could sneak it away from her! What a delightful gift to take home to Colorado to remember their day at Wildworks. That was so kind of you. The children are quite shy and it is difficult for them to show their excitement around people they don't know but they loved the experience and couldn't wait to tell their parents about the day. Thank you for being so patient and gracious with them. Your work with the animals is a perfect example of how much healing can take place when surrounded by love and acceptance." Warm Regards, Kathi & Clark Mcllvain

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