Western Grey Squirrel

Western Gray Squirrel

His Story

Stormy was found in the middle of the road by Mollie Hogan while she and her horse were walking around the block. Although it was difficult to tell that the small object was actually a baby, both Mollie and her horse stopped to get a closer look. The small motionless creature was a baby squirrel and it was then that Mollie looked up to see the nest which unfortunately was too far up in a tree to return the baby to his squirrel family.

Each year in the spring the Wildworks care center takes in many orphaned baby squirrels, so Mollie knew the next best thing to returning the baby to the nest would be to take it back to Wildworks and give it proper care. Unfortunately, the baby was not doing well; he seemed lifeless and was barely breathing. Mollie did not think he would survive.


Once back at Wildworks the squirrel was given fluids subcutaneously and placed on a heating pad. As the little body gradually warmed up he moved a little and then a little more. He finally began taking formula from a baby bottle, his life had been saved.

All we can do is imagine what would have happened if a car had driven down that road just seconds prior to Mollie and her horse walking there. This baby was truly lucky and it appeared a proper name for him would be “Lucky”. Then his fur started growing in and it turned a beautiful shade of silver-gray and he was christened “Stormy”. A Western (or California) gray tree squirrel, Stormy is the first of his species to arrive at Wildworks!

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