Stark Raven



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His Story

Stark fell from the nest as a baby chick and was unable to be reunited with his raven parents. He was rescued and raised by a couple who discovered him stranded on their lawn. His human surrogates took great care of him, but when he matured and it came time to release him, he simply refused to leave. He hung around the house squawking and carrying on, uprooting plants in the garden and dive-bombing the house cats. The couple decided to search for a new home for Stark, and they found just what they were looking for at the High Desert Museum in Oregon.

This smart bird did a fabulous job performing in the zoo’s bird show, but the zoo had too many rescued birds, and there weren’t enough hours in the day to work adequately with them all. Lucky Stark Raven finally made his way to his last and permanent home here at Wildworks in fall 2007. He was personally transported from Oregon to our wildlife center by a young girl who had been his keeper and was especially fond of him. Brilliant, as birds go, ravens can be trained to do just about anything. Now Stark is a star in our outreach programs, traveling to schools and parks as a native animal ambassador.

Lifetime care supported by a generous grant from the June Irene Chiltern Healey Foundation

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