Snowflake, the Albino hedgehog, arrived in February 2016 and came to us as a confiscated pet. Like most wild animals, hedgehogs are illegal to have as pets in California and her fate was euthanasia unless she quickly found a home. Fortunately, she is now here at Wildworks and has shown herself to be an out-going individual and a perfect candidate for our educational programs.
Her ​bright white coloring and pink eyes are ​caused​ by a ​rare​ genetic defect which affects just one in 10,000 ​hedgehogs​ ​that are born without pigment.​ ​​Albino animals of many species are occasionally born in nature but they rarely survive for long.

After plenty of patience and handling, Fuzzy his really starting to come out of his shell- er- ball. He really enjoys the little basket of hay we bring for him when we go to events- he is actually much calmer and more outgoing in his little basket. He has been a great education animal- teaching kids all about hedgehogs.

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