Rusty1Orange Tabby Cat

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His Story


In looking for a male cat to be a new roommate for our calico, Zuma, I was taking my time. I wanted them to get along, of course, so I figured my best bet would be an out-going and socialized neutered male. I decided that Zuma, being Zuma, would prefer a color-coordinated companion so he would have to be black or orange. I was leaning toward orange but hadn’t found the right guy when big black and white Mac came along. I instantly loved him to death but upon first meeting, Zuma became a screaming enlarged ball of fur with every single hair standing on end. I thought, “Oh no—this was a mistake!” but Mac was so darn charming that Zuma quickly gave in to his advances.

All was calm in the household again when a few days later I stopped in to Petco where a cat rescue group “Cats at the Studios” offers cats and kittens for adoptions on the week-ends and there he was; the orange cat. He was rubbing and rubbing on his cage door and when he looked right at me his beautiful eyes were the same deep orange tone as his fur. I walked over to the adoption table and, pointing at him I said “I want that one!” We had a meet and greet (while filling out the endless forms….) and he was very small and soft and fat and I loved him. Now he and Mac tumble around the house in play and Zuma stalks him like a bug. I haven’t seen her this active in years. Other than killing every plant that I owned and having some weird obsession with the bathroom Rusty is now a welcome third party.

We toyed with a few names—not Morris – and then I said “How ‘bout Rusty?” Official title being “A Little Rusty”. Perfect!



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