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 His Story

One October day in  2017  I received a call from a fellow in the San Fernando Valley stating that there was a hedgehog on his lawn. As I often receive calls from people viewing a raccoon as an opossum or a pigeon as a hawk, incorrect identification of certain species is common.  I was skeptical.

“Can you text me a picture? “  And there it was. A hedgehog on his lawn. I asked him if he thought that maybe it had escaped from a neighbor and he said “Well, I read up on them and they’re illegal as pets in California so I thought it was best to find a legal home.” I was impressed and equally impressive is this cute little boy African pigmy hedgehog that we’ve decided to call “Raindrop” because our resident albino hedgy was coined Snowflake.

They’re both boys and not babies so we were wondering if they would get along. When we put them together for a supervised greeting they scurried under their plastic shelter (which is also right on top of a heating pad!) and they’ve been fast friends ever since.  We hope you will meet them in an outreach program soon!


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