Male Mountain Lion

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His Story

Pirate was in desperate need of help when he arrived at Wildworks in the fall of 2003.

He came from a facility that breeds cougars, but he wasn’t properly cared for. He was still a cub, very thin and scruffy. He was missing the black tip of his tail, and the pads of all four of his feet were raw and bleeding, but the worst problem of all was his badly swollen right eye. Upon visiting our veterinarian the next day, Pirate was diagnosed with severe glaucoma, a condition causing pain much like a migraine headache. His right eye was immediately removed, but it was determined that he had glaucoma in his left eye as well. Pirate was completely blind.

With around-the-clock care and proper nutrition, his paws healed, he began to gain weight, and he started to purr and meow, just like a normal kitten.

Pirate is now fully grown, healthy, and very playful. He has adjusted to his surroundings just like a blind person might, learning the boundaries of his enclosure, and the locations of water, shelves, his den box, and his favorite toys—large cardboard boxes. His other senses seem more enhanced as he points his noise up to sniff the air, and his ears forward to listen. He pinpoints the sound then pounces on imaginary prey, always landing just short of the fence! In spite of his rough beginnings, Pirate has found a home at Wildworks and has grown to be a very content, sweet-natured cat.

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