Photographer Terry Matkin

Photographer Terry Matkin

Mollie & PhoenixIf you have ever seen a Nature of Wildworks’ brochure, or received a Wildworks’ newsletter or a Christmas card, then you have been lucky enough to see a small sampling of Terry Matkin’s photography. There is a great deal more.

To indulge her two favorite pastimes, travel and photography, Terry joined the Grosvernor Council, which supports National Geographic. As a member of the Council she has traveled far and wide, learning from the best, honing her craft, and meeting some incredible people.

Terry went on an expedition with Wade Davis (Explorer-in-Residence for National Geographic) to Nepal and Tibet. She was on a ship with Bob Ballard, discoverer of the Titanic, while he searched for evidence of human life under the Black Sea. She traveled, mostly on horseback, with Jeremey Schmidt, a National Geographic grantee, to Mongolia as he tried to raise money for Mongolia’s park system. She took most of the photographs for a book about Peru, Pachamama’s Children, by Carol Cumes. She has been to Africa, where she recorded the birth of a baby giraffe, an almost impossible feat. Here in Los Angeles she spent time in South Central taking photographs of ex-gang members for a benefit honoring Father Greg Boyle and the Homeboy Industries.

But it is as The Nature of Wildworks’ official photographer that Terry’s talents in the field have been truly tested. Capturing the images of a baby mountain lion in perpetual motion as it springs from one side of its enclosure to other, then up and around and down again is no easy task, as any wildlife photographer will tell you. Nor is it easy to catch the alertness of a young fox’s eyes when its nose is smudging your lens and a second baby fox chews on your camera straps.

Yet Terry has done this and more with patience, humor, and total enjoyment. During her four years with Wildworks she has documented every new arrival from baby barn owls to shy coyote pups. The fact of the matter is, Terry loves these animals, and in time they sense it. Spending hours in their enclosures, watching and talking to them, the animals eventually accept her and calm down enough for her to snap that one telling photo.

We are delighted to share Terry’s amazing photographs of the beautiful Wildworks animals posted here on our website for you to enjoy.


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