Phoenix Gets A Checkup

Phoenix the mountain lion just celebrated his eighteenth birthday.

pheIn captivity, mountain lions enjoy the same life span as a house cat: approximately ten to twenty years. So I guess it's fair to say that Phoenix is an old man lion. He had been experiencing some problems such as: heavy breathing, loss of appetite, and very runny eyes. Aging animals have many of the same health problems that we humans exerience: heart, respiratory and kidney trouble, arthritis, and just general aches and pains. It's often difficult to find a veterinarian that will make house calls, let alone to treat a mountain lion! So we put in a call to Veterinary Medical Center in Woodland Hills and Dr. Gary Latos made a special trip to Wildworks to give Phoenix a physical. First he listened to his heart and lungs and said they sounded fine. pheUpon inspection, even his teeth looked good. Phoenix was being such a good sport that Dr. Latos was able to take blood from his back leg without the use of anesthesia and by tomorrow we'll have the results of the blood-work. Afterward, Phoenix made himself comfortable, & took a catnap on the lawn.

Thanks! to Dr. Latos from all of us a Wildworks for this special visit to a very special mountain lion.

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