Male Mountain Lion

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His Story

Unquestionably, the most commanding presence at Wildworks is that of our majestic male mountain lion, Phoenix. He was originally acquired in 1988 by The Los Angeles Zoo, arriving there with his sister, Sage, when he was only four weeks old. The two mountain lion cubs were destined to become the feline stars of The Wild in the City Show which was just about to open in the Zoo’s Adventure Island Theater. Mollie Hogan was an animal keeper at the time, assigned to work as part of the show staff. When she met Phoenix, she fell in love with a mountain lion.

To help train and care for the show animals, the staff took the babies home at night. Phoenix slept on a mat in Mollie’s bathroom, and in the mornings they went out to breakfast together. In those early months of his life Mollie and Phoenix went everywhere together,phoenix even riding on the bus! At home, he played “stalk” with her dogs. After five years of working together at the Zoo, it was no wonder that when the show was cancelled in 1993 and its animals displaced, Mollie was particularly concerned about the fate of the now fully-grown mountain lion. Phoenix was placed on temporary loan at the Moorpark College Teaching Zoo while Mollie began her efforts to create her own wildlife care center, where Phoenix and her other animal friends could be given a permanent home. Today, her hard-won dream is a reality, and Phoenix reigns over her unique Nature of Wildworks animal care center in the picturesque Santa Monica Mountains of California.

Phoenix’s beautiful sister, Sage, came home to Wildworks with her brother in 1995. They lived together until 2003 when, sadly, we lost Sage to kidney failure at the young age of thirteen.

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