Perimeter Fence Fundraiser

We’re starting to build! Our two Wildworkers, Nicole and Meagan, started preparing the goat yards on their last trip to Arizona, but what is the first step in building our new Wildlife Center? The perimeter fence! According to USDA regulation we must have an 8 foot tall fence surrounding the area where all of our wild and exotic animals will be housed. We measured the space (watch the video to witness that fun job), and it’s about 1,000 feet of fencing. Our quote for this amount of fencing, and the installation, is:


Yikes! That’s a lot of money! This is where you come in. We need all of our wonderful donors (you) to rally together and raise the money we need for our perimeter fence. You can get us one step closer to our new dream home for all of our animals! Click the button below to donate.

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