Long Haired Chihuahua

Her Story

We first met Patty at the Topanga Plaza in the Charlotte Russe clothing store in summer 2006. Three young women were taking turns holding the little dog while they tried on clothes and pleaded with everyone who walked into the dressing room to take her home. Apparently, the girls had to move into a new apartment that didn’t allow dogs. Little dogs like Patty are very popular these days, so we decided to take her and find her another home. Mountain lions and Chihuahuas don’t mix, and we already had two dogs at the wildlife center. However, when she arrived here it happened: she fell in love with Macfly, the border collie, and everyone at Wildworks fell in love with her. She now travels to shows, plays with Macfly, and plays watchdog from her window shelf inside the house. Patty is definitely here to stay.

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