Pablo Surgery

Pablo Surgery




Our African serval Kato passed away from old age on New Year's day of this year leaving behind his lifelong companion, Pablo the bobcat. They had slept together and groomed each other every single day for all of their years so one would think that Pablo would be devastated or at least a little depressed and missing his friend. But he miraculously showed no obvious signs of grief-- eating, sleeping and being his normal self.

Needless to say, we were happy about that. However, Pablo is only one year younger than his buddy Kato and we noticed one day that a small tumor had popped up on the back of his neck. He was slowing down slightly at this point as well so we started to worry a little and emailed a photo of the growth to Pablo's veterinarian. Because the big bump didn't seem to hurt the cat and because anesthesia at his age would be risky, we decided to wait awhile and see.

The tumor continued to slowly grow until one day, painful or not, it was just too huge to be acceptable. So we loaded up our large kitty and headed down the hill for a vet visit.

I was, of course, worried that his growth was cancerous but Dr Latos took one look and said "It's benign. And I said "How do you know?" And he said "Experience" . ( This is why he's the vet and I'm not) Then he asked if we wanted to remove it and that was that. In one word... GROSS!

Two weeks later Pablo is home and doing quite well, scarfing everything on his dinner plate and wanting more. Right now he's snoozing on his sunny shelf and I've seen him spend quite a bit of time grooming his thick winter coat which is a sign of well-being.

Pablo is 20 years old now but maybe some of you remember our female bobcat Panama. We called her "the little bobcat that could" because she just kept going and going, finally leaving us at age 24. I'm thinking maybe Pablo will follow in her pawsteps.

Go Pablo!

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