Pablo Bobcat

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For information about the species;  Bobcats.

His Story

Once upon a time there was a bobcat (North America's most common little wildcat), purchased in another state as pet, he was neutered and declawed by his owner. He was well taken care of, but it is illegal to own any wild cat in California without a permit. The local shelter received a tip about an illegal house pet. When the authorities followed up the lead, Pablo, the bobcat, was found hidden in a closet. The shelter contacted Wildworks, and luckily we were able to take him in. Pablo has been with us since 1997!

Pablo, the bobcat, does not like to be touched but sometimes will rub up against us. He loves going into our large enclosure and playing with a tennis ball (especially if we have rubbed some sort of scent on it). He will bat the ball around and chase it until he tires himself out. He will then pick up the ball in his mouth, bring it to the den box and fall asleep with it between his paws. Pablo loves sage and enjoys chasing a stream of water. But he is too wild to take to our educational programs, so we are kept busy doing our best to make his life as enriched and interesting as possible.

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