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 Wild Outreach Programs!

THE NATURE of WILDWORKS is home to quite an assortment of exotic and domestic critters. Bring the wonders of nature into the classroom through Wildworks Educational Outreach Programs!

Our animals would love to meet you! We offer a variety of inspiring and informative educational outreach programs featuring exotic animals from around the world. Our programs cover a wide variety of topics and our domestic animals travel with us as well to teach our audiences that they make great pets, and wild animals do not. Listed below are descriptions of our 2019 outreach offerings.

To Schedule a program with us, please email us at info@natureofwildworks.org.

 ***Spring, our new truly people friendly Grey Fox, can be a part of any program for an additional fee. You won't regret it!

Animals at Risk

Many birds, mammals and reptiles  are losing their homes dues to natural causes such as the recent fires in California, as well as to habitat encroachment by humans. Animal shelters are filled with pets with not enough homes to take them while here at Wildworks we care for confiscated wild and exotic animals that people acquired without the proper licenses. Meet our local injured and orphaned wildlife ambassadors, former illegal pets, and our own personal rescued dogs and bunnies and a very loud macaw! Learn how animals deal with natural disaster, changing environments and how each and every one of us can help through becoming better stewards of our wildlands, as well as, responsible pet guardians.

Appropriate for 5th grade and up

$375 for classroom

$450 for assembly

Raptor Force

This is your opportunity to experience some of the most majestic birds of the natural world and to gain an insight into the historic art of falconry, the sport of Kings and Queens. To meet a hawk, owl, falcon and turkey vulture up close is a fascinating experience for children and adults. Participants will learn about falconry basics, about the habits of raptors and hear all about their personal stories. If the program is indoors we may be able to fly a hawk!

45 minute program.

$375 for classroom sized group presentation.

$450 for assembly.

Appropriate for 4th grade and up. Adults too!

Our Wild Neighbors

Meet some amazing birds, mammals, and reptiles that are native to the California environment. In fact, you might even see them right in your own backyard! Also included are some non-native surprises! This program focuses on the lifestyles and habits of our local critters and the contributions both pros and cons that wild animals make to the urban environment. We will compare life in nature to the life these critters now live in the city.

1 hour program

$425 for classroom sized group presentation.

$500 for assembly.

Appropriate for 3rd grade and up.

 Conservation Kids

How does recycling help our environment and the animals that live there? How do opossums help keep our cities and your backyard clean? How can hawks and owls help keep diseases from spreading? In this program, children learn that by being "green" we not only help wildlife but wildlife helps ensure the health and safety of humans and their pets. They even get to help one of our dogs learn to recycle!

45 minute program.

$375 for classroom sized group presentation.

$450 for assembly.

Appropriate for 3rd and 4th grade and up. Adults too!

Let’s be Friends!

In this special program geared for the younger set, the children will learn about a variety of our  smaller critters. How many spines does a hedgehog have? Can a snake really smell with his tongue? Do owls make good pets? Does an opossum really “play possum” ? Our domestic dog and rabbit will be on hand, as well, for petting options and to help the youngsters understand that even though all animals are our friends. dogs and rabbits make good pets while wild animals belong in nature.

30 minute program.

Appropriate for smaller groups of preschool-aged children


Personalized Programs for Parties and other Private Gatherings

Bring Wildworks to your home or any smaller, more personal venue for birthday parties or other events. We will bring our animals for an wild program personalized for you! Prices will vary depending on the animals you choose.

Small Critters Program:

  • Hedgehogs
  • Ferrets
  • Snakes
  • Bunnies


Birds Only Program:

  • Macaw
  • Choice of # of birds of prey:
  • Peregrine Falcon
  • Red-Tailed Hawk
  • Harris’ Hawk
  • Barn Owl
  • Great Horned Owl
  • Turkey Vulture


Walk on the Wild Side:

  • Meet Spring our Grey Fox
  • Choice of 1 Hawk/Falcon
  • Choice of 1 Owl
  • Choice of 2 small mammals.
  • Hedgehog, ferrets, bunny, prairie dog, opossum
  • Choice of snake if wanted (or you can choose another small mammal).
  • Rosy Boa, King Snake, Gopher Snake

Price: $575

Custom Programs

If our standard program offerings do not fit your needs, please contact the Outreach Supervisor at: info@natureofwildworks.org or 310-455-0550 so we may create a custom program just for you!

Additional Fee Descriptions

Add $150 for each additional same day classroom program. Add $250 for each additional assembly.

Programs must take place in morning or afternoon blocks and in sequence.

*Additional insurance fees may apply.

**Mileage fees apply for venues over 30 miles from our Wildworks facility.

***A $30.00 last minute booking fee will be charged for programs booked less then 48 hours in advance.

Required Items for all Presentations:

A secured, easy access loading area (no students or visitors in close proximity to wildlife and handlers.)

Parking for animal transport vehicle at a close distance to classroom, auditorium or staging area.

A six foot long table.

A sound system with microphone for larger groups or auditorium.

A 10 foot buffer zone between animals and attendees.

To Schedule a Program please call (310) 455-0550 or email info@natureofwildworks.org

Quotes from class participants:

Dear Mollie

"Thank you son much for participating in our first Malibu Docent Science Day at Malibu Creek State Park. The look of amazement and pure joy on the faces of the children was priceless. Your presentation was the highlight of the day! We are sure we'll be seeing you in the future."

Malibu Creek Docents

“Wrestling with lively, loving Boxer the serval and getting to pet sweet Pirate the mountain lion were the highlights for me, though I was equally impressed to see how smart mountain lion Cliff is.  Thanks for giving us your private tour.  I hope to return for more ASAP!

--Steven Brattman

" Thank you so much, Mollie, for the wonderful time with you and your beautiful wild ones. The Falconry Class was truly a special and educational experience for me. Please let me know of any other future classes  that you can offer. I hope to see you again soon. "

--Sheryl Lee

The Nature of Wildworks is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.
All program fees go directly toward the care of our animals.

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