Oliver & Doris

Virginia Opossums

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Their Story

Oliver and Doris were orphaned in Santa Monica in the very midst of the city. Being too young to survive on their own, they had become severely dehydrated and were close to death when a caring person happened to spot the tiny opossums. Luckily, he was able to scoop them up, take them home and get them to a wildlife rehabilitation center where they were nursed back to health. But when it came time to release them back into the neighborhood, the youngsters just wouldn’t leave! Apparently, the rehabbers made loud noises and tried to shoo them off, but the two brother and sister marsupials paid absolutely no attention and refused to depart.

oliver and dorisbabiesIt was then decided that they had become too accustomed to noise and people, and if released they might not be able to remain at a safe distance.

Realizing that this limited their chances for survival, a call was made to Wildworks where they now have a forever home. Oliver and Doris are very popular in our educational outreach programs and help us to teach people about the only marsupial in North America, the Virginia opossum.

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