Music, Ponies, and Pumas… Oh my!

Ferret Friday, June 8th
5:30PM to 8PM

The Nature of Wildworks is honored to
highlight musician, songwriter,
and horseman extraordinaire
Mike Beck
in the first of our 2018 " Giving Back" series.


House_Concert_edited_editedThis House Concert, which includes both stories and song, is offered free of charge to those who have contributed financially to the Nature of Wildworks Care Center in 2017 and $15 for new folks. Also, Mike will be selling his CD's so come prepared to purchase!


Prior to the 90 minute Concert folks will participate in an hour long up close and personal tour of the Wildworks center to meet the animals that you have so generously helped to support.
*Complimentary refreshments and comfortable seating will be provided.
*Must be 21 or over.


Due to the location of this event ATTENDANCE IS EXTREMELY LIMITED. We expect more than a few people to be interested so you must respond ASAP by email to or phone 310-455-0550 and submit payment (if you are not a 2017 financial donor) via PayPal or by mailing a check to reserve your spot. We will include a waiting list for last minute cancellations.


The Music

Mike Beck is an outstanding acoustic solo artist who regularly performs in the United States and Europe. He is a featured performer at The National Cowboy Poetry and Music Gathering and has seven albums under his belt with original songs that have been recognized as some of the finest compositions on Western Americana out there. When Western Horseman magazine picked "The 13 Best Cowboy
Songs," two of Mike's compositions were included, putting him alongside other writers such as Ian Tyson, Tom Russell, Lucinda Williams, and Gene Autry.

Mike talks about horses

I don't really know where to start on telling my story on the horses and how it has been such a big part of my life. When I was a teenager I started working for Roy Forzoni, a man who was greatly shaped in his horsemanship approach by Tom Dorrance. They were great friends and it was there I first met Tom and got the opportunity to watch him and work on horseback with him. I lived with Bill Dorrance at his ranch and he became a major influence on my life. He helped me with the horses, cattle, and roping and I would say Bill was the best teacher I ever had. I could write a book about my experiences with Bill and the horses alone.

Cowboying in Montana and Nevada----
One highlight was Madison River Cattle Co. Ray Hunt had a bunch of horses turned out there so Ray did quite a few clinics there and in Montana at that time. If there was a Ray Hunt Clinic within 500 miles myself and Buck Brannaman, who also worked there, were sent with company horses to start at Ray's clinics. It's been amazing to see what Buck has gone on and done with his life's work and the influence Ray had on him. That was 1979 - 1980.

Horsemanship Clinics-----
After riding colts for ranches and having a school
at my place in Montana, a local gal in Carmel Valley asked me if I could come help her with her horse. She saw me starting a colt with Tom Dorrance at a clinic he held. That led me to start sharing with other interested people some of these things I've learned and am still working on. Sixteen different states and six foreign countries later... dressage horses, jumpers, cowboys, driving horses, trail riders, whatever. The horse is the same everywhere you go. He's looking for the same things. He needs the same things to believe in no matter what he's used for or in what part of the world he lives...... Mike

Does he know "Don't Fence Me In"?


"Mike Beck is one of those writers with the cowboy in his heart. His songs are filled with braided rawhide and mission bells..... Listen up, friend!" --- Tom Russell

"Mike plays the guitar like a Byrd. His strings do things that mine never could do. They obey the slightest finger-touch commands like a fine reining horse." Ramblin' Jack Elliot


For more information about Mike Beck you can visit his website at

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