Tuxedo House Cat

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His Story

Board member Lorie Zerweck was determined to find Mac a home. Mac was a former stray cat which is hard to believe because he’s the nicest guy in the world. Friendly and super out-going he must have had human friends at one time but for whatever reason things changed for him and he ended up on the street. Then one lucky day he was picked up and brought into Bay Animal Hospital. That’s where Lorie met him and there he received the best of care. The plan was to find him a home but then he was tested for FIV and the test was positive. Feline Immunodeficiency Virus is a slow virus that eventually leads to a state of immune deficiency. It’s not really something a potential cat parent wants to sign up for and it can be contagious to other cats although it’s usually spread through aggressive biting. The dilemma was that even though he tested positive it could simply be because he was vaccinated as a kitten, not because he had the virus. I went to the hospital to meet Mac and he was so special that he almost immediately moved to Wildworks. After 24 hours of hissing, yowling, tail swishing and fur standing on end, my resident female Zuma decided to keep him too and now the little calico and the large tuxedo cat are on their way to a lasting friendship.

Thank you to Lorie for finding us the purrrfect cat!

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