Kato & Pablo 2


Once upon a time there was a bobcat (North America's most common little wildcat) and a serval (the seldom-seen night hunter of the faraway African bush). But these particular two wildcats had never known life in the wild. Purchased in another state as pets, they were neutered and declawed by their owner. They were well taken care of, but it is illegal to own any wild cat in California without a permit. One day Kato, the serval, got out. He was found roaming a neighborhood in Woodland Hills, captured, and taken to an animal shelter. Then the shelter received a tip about some other illegal house pets. When the authorities followed up the lead, Pablo, the bobcat, was found hidden in a closet. The shelter contacted Wildworks, and luckily we were able to take them both in. Since they had been raised together and were obviously buddies, we housed them in the same enclosure. Kato, the serval, could be petted when he was in the mood. Kato would also eat a raw egg right out of your hand and hissed a lot (This can be a form of greeting unless his ears are back.) That was back in December 1997. Kato passed away in 2014, but Pablo is still here and doing well.


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