The Blue and Gold Macaw

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Her Story

A hearty squawk and the flash of brilliant blue and gold feathers announce the presence of Jammy, our blue and gold macaw. Originally acquired from the San Diego Zoo, Jammy went on to work as a macaw ambassador for the Humane Society to support their work finding homes for confiscated wild pets and other displaced animals and to discourage people from acquiring exotic animals as pets. When her caregiver moved from New York to Los Angeles into an apartment, nearby neighbors didn't appreciate Jammy's loud screams whenever she had to leave her alone, so in 1996 she came to live at Wildworks, where she continues to educate people in our wildlife outreach programs.

Macaws and other parrot species are legal to have as pets, but they are very long lived and their care requirements can be quite involved. Jammy lives in the house and has taken occasionally to chewing on furniture with her powerful beak.

These large birds can scream loudly (they like to start at about five in the morning), but they can also be very talkative and will mimic sounds they hear often and sounds they like to reproduce.

When Jammy hears our dog, Hopi, barking she yells “Hopi stop it!” When the phone rings she says “Hello,” and one day when she saw Phoenix, the mountain lion, passing by the house on his walk she yelled “Oh no!”

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