In Memory of Happy Cat

Happy Cat - In MemoryHappy Cat

March 2006 -November 2015

In Loving Memory

Our little African serval, Happy Cat, lost his battle with osteomyelitis on a warm night late in the fall. These beautiful photos celebrate his life because Happy Cat understood the spirit of giving. Using his bright face, quick paws, and spotted fur with stripes he pounced into our lives to bring joy and inspiration to children in educational programs and to all of us who cared for him.

His too short life was stuffed full of messages.  Often our animals are good role models and in Happy's case this certainly was true.  When his shoulder was shattered from a fall, six pins were put into place to hold the bones together. It was during recovery that I christened him Happy Cat. Never did I hear a hiss or growl. Happy meowed, purred, and rubbed through the pain.

Years later when infection set in we removed the pins and treated the infection but in the end it took over. All through his illness, which had to have been painful, Happy never let on, purring and catnapping on his swing in the sun until his very last moments.

Our brave little wild cat always maintained his strength and dignity, setting an example for us all about how to live.... and how to leave. Happy cat was always Happy.

So in the hustle and bustle of this year and into the next, pause now and then to listen for the voice of a little African cat.

It'll say:

Don't Worry. Be Happy


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