I’m Retiring!


I'm  Retiring!

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No, silly friends of Wildworks. Not me, Mollie. I'm not retiring. In fact, just in case you were getting worried I have posted on my fridge a brief but accurate quote from Warren Buffet.

The title is On Retiring and he says-

"I will keep working until about five years after I die. I've given my board of directors a Ouija board so they can keep in touch. I also have a letter that will go out and tell what the plans of the company are. It starts out,

"Yesterday I died".

I just hope the stock doesn't go up too much that day!"

So if it's not me, who is it?

It's Foxy-- our cuter-than-ever African Fennec Fox.

And as of today he's officially retired. Not from his important stay at home, playing with Star the dog and greeting on-site visitors job. But he will no longer be traveling to outreach programs for visits to parks and schools--- and parties. No more parties, Foxy. Time to curl up, relax and play with your socks tied in knots.

We want to share with all of you our big thank you to our little Foxy for his 12 years of dedicated service as an invaluable wildlife outreach ambassador representing foxes everywhere.

Foxy traveled with his friends throughout southern CA to share his micro fox cuteness and desert adaptations in hundreds of programs for thousands of children and adults. When people asked "What does the fox say?" he always knew the answer.

The Fennec fox is the smallest wild dog in the whole world. These tiny nocturnal carnivores are native to the Sahara desert of Africa, a harsh environment where the daytime temperatures can reach 130 degrees. Their thick fur keeps them warm and cools them off, depending, and they are the color of the desert sand. For the Fennec fox, life is a beach so their paw pads are covered with fur for protection from the heat. (Kind of like us wearing flip flops at the shore.) Their juicy diet of insects, preferably scorpions, allows them to go their entire life without drinking water if need be. Their shining feature is their humongous ears which they point down at the sand to hear a dinner of insects a foot underneath.

So what all-important lessons have so many children and adults learned from a tiny exotic fox? Too many to list but how 'bout these?

-Your huge and focused ears have inspired us to be better listeners.

-From your fur-covered pads we've learned to walk softly and leave no footprint.

-We know now to quickly wrap our tail around our nose when we feel our foot going into our mouth.

-To eat small and frequent meals and have meal worms on hand for healthy snacks.

-To always scream when you're happy and when you're cranky to confuse your enemies. Run like a fox if chased.

-Always bury important belongings in in the corners of your enclosure. You might need them later.

-We learned that dogs and house cats are fun to play with (most of us already knew this!)

-If you don't get a new cell phone, video game or the mass of presents you were expecting for Christmas, socks tied in knots make the very best toys.

-When you feel small and insignificant, think big and important.

And last but not least-hugging and kissing other species can lower your blood pressure, add fur to your lipstick and force a smile every time.

Thank you again Foxy for your many years of hard work and inspiration. We are here to care for you today... and for the rest of your life.

Love-Mollie and everyone at Wildworks

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