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Their Story

Our duo of sibling raccoons were found as infants in spring 2004 in what their mom surely thought would be a safe hiding place: inside the walls of a home in Woodland Hills. The homeowners had spotted mom in the attic and decided to trap and relocate her away from the city. Their plan was successful, but the very next night they were heartbroken when they heard the muffled distress calls of the babies that had been left behind. Unfortunately, the babies were unable to be reunited with their mom and were soon delivered to Wildworks for permanent care.

raccoonHave an active, into-everything child? Imagine having twins. The raccoons arrived at Wildworks at only four weeks of age. They needed to be bottle-fed--and often. Messy? Let me tell you! Demanding? Absolutely! Noisy? Definitely! Wonderfully funny and fun? You bet! Raccoons are extremely intelligent, curious, and playful trouble-makers. They can get into anything and everything, and they usually do! Their behavior, however, is very interesting to watch. Mollie with Harry & HermioneThey don't really “wash” their food. The water makes their already sensitive paws even more sensitive to feel out what is and isn't good to eat. They look like they are typing, their eyes never on the keyboard, but always looking the other way, watching for predators.

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