Happy Cat


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His Story

Happy Cat is a serval. He was sold to a young woman in California under false pretenses. She was told he was a Savannah cat, an offspring of a serval and a domestic cat, which is a legal pet to own in California.
happy cat
She paid a very high price for her new pet, but when experts recognized him as a serval, she had to give him up. He was donated to Wildworks in the fall of 2006, where he could be well cared for and legally housed.

He was named Happy Cat because when he first arrived he was healthy and active and his favorite pastime was to sneak up and pounce on his dog playmate, Hopi. Young and easy to train, Happy Cat now walks on a leash and travels as a wildlife ambassador to educational programs. More often than not, wild cats that come into our care center have been declawed or have other physical problems. We were thrilled to have an animal that is a picture of health.

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