The American Kestrel

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His Story

Fidel, our American kestrel, has an interesting history. He fell from the nest shortly after hatching and was hand-raised, passed among several different owners. One day, his latest owner came to a pet store to find out what to feed his newly acquired “bird.” The pet store owner informed him that it was illegal to own a raptor and, luckily for us, Fidel was turned over to the pet store and then donated to Wildworks. Fidel has been with us since May 2000 when he was about one year old. He loves to be with people and lets you know when he's hungry or if you have left him alone too long with a shrill, broken call. Fidel participates in our outreach programs where everyone loves to compare the difference between our little raptor (the second smallest falcon in the world) and our large red-tailed hawks.

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