Female Mountain Lion

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Her Story

Envy came to us just before Christmas 1998 when Mollie received a call from the Department of Fish and Game that a young mountain lion had just arrived at a local animal shelter. Fish and Game knew we had experience with these cats because we already housed two cougars: Phoenix and Sage. Envy was a nine-month-old female that had been confiscated by the authorities as an illegal pet. Her unusual companion had been brought to the shelter with her. He was a beautiful young gray wolf named Levon.

Mollie went to the shelter to pick Envy up and transport her to Wildworks. The young cat easily loaded into an airline kennel and as soon as the van started moving, fell into a deep sleep. However, as the van was pulling away a loud howling began and a quick glance in the rearview mirror confirmed that the lonesome sound was coming from Levon, the wolf, as he watched his best friend disappear. Mollie hit the brakes, the van made a quick u-turn, and Levon jumped in the back to join his feline friend.

Levon was actually a hybrid wolf and was eventually reunited with his owner. By that time Envy had matured and was able to be on her own at the center. For many years she was an invaluable ambassador to our wildlife educational presentations and now, having earned her retirement, she relaxes in her enclosure and enjoys the attention of staff and volunteers.

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