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2017 Summer Newsletter

2017 Summer Newsletter

Dear Friends of Wildworks,

Linked below is our 2017 Summer Newsletter!

We are very excited to share this with all of our online supporters, as this is the first time we are sharing it electronically!

We hope you enjoy it and look forward to hearing your thoughts or feedback.

2017 Wildworks Summer Newsletter

There are many ways to help our facility, but some of our current needs are:

Sponsor an animal! For a month or a year! (Like Mikey! Our new Silver Red Fox!) And if you are local you can come for a visit!

Make a General Donation to help with vet care, medication needs, and other emergency situations.

Purchase an item from our Amazon Wishlist!

The animals and all of us at Wildworks thank you so much for your continued support!!

Michael J.


Meet Mikey ( short for Michael J ! ), our new red fox pup. Excuse me. Did you say Red Fox? He doesn’t look red, does he? And he’s not going to turn red later. Red foxes come in...
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Mourning a few of our special friends….

We are mourning the loss of a few special friends. Whether they were older, or surprised us with their passing, we miss them all... RonRon The Raccoon...       Georgie The Velveteen Rabbit... Georgie       bobBob The House Cat...       Read more

In Memory of Happy Cat

Happy Cat - In MemoryHappy Cat

March 2006 -November 2015 In Loving Memory Our little African serval, Happy Cat, lost his battle with osteomyelitis on a warm night late in the fall. These beautiful photos celebrate his life because Happy Cat understood the spirit of giving. Using his bright face,...
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I’m Retiring!


I'm  Retiring!

unnamed (1)     No, silly friends of Wildworks. Not me, Mollie. I'm not retiring. In fact, just in case you were getting worried I have posted on my fridge a brief but accurate quote from Warren Buffet. The title is On Retiring and he says- "I will...
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Pablo Surgery

Pablo Surgery