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Jim & Bob

JIm & Bob


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Their Story

Jim And Bob are orphaned brother opossums and they are inseparable. The eat ...

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Michael J.


Meet Mikey ( short for Michael J ! ), our new red fox pup. Excuse me. Did you say Red Fox? He doesn’t look red, does he? And he’s not going to turn red later. Red foxes come in...
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American Robin

To help support Robin's care click here.   Our American robin (who we also named Robin) was delivered to Wildworks in 2008 as a tiny, downy orphan and although we couldn’t tell right off what kind of bird she was, she was hungry and begging with her mouth open...
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Eastern Screech Owl

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Oh! How cute, a baby owl! Actually this is a full grown Eastern Screech Owl whooooo arrived from the AWARE Wildlife Center in Georgia. With a badly injured talon, being released into the wild was not an option. We are...
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img_2375-2Peregrine Falcon

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  Gwen (short for Guinevere) arrived in December 2016 from Northwood’s falconry, a raptor breeding facility in the Pacific Northwest. I often receive advertising emails from the company which also sells raptor products and one day...
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_dsc5691-5x7Grey Arabian/Andalusia Cross Gelding

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  Knight is a grey Andalusian/Arabian cross and he's the tallest of the three. Knight is elegant and goofy all at the same time, dancing around on his long, strong legs but always stopping to kiss any...
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_dsc5688-5x7Bay Arabian Mare

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  Be Glorious V (AKA Glory), is a fancy and sweet-as-can-be bay Arabian mare. The "V" stands for Varian which means that Glory was bred by the famous Sheila Varian, founder of Varian Arabian Farms. Glory has the...
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_dsc5685-5x7Chestnut Arabian Gelding

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Chess is a chestnut Arabian gelding who has lived here most of his life. With flaxen mane and tail, four white feet and a star on his forehead to match, he truly stands out in...
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_dsc5674-5x7Palomino Saddlebred Mare

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Lily arrived as a yearling in 2016 all the way from Tennessee. A little Palomino Saddlebred, she will mature as a tall giraffe-necked beauty and she fits right into the herd. Glory, our older mare keeps her...
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Miniature Aussie

His Story

SKY BOY The other day I was looking at dogs for adoption on my computer (Yes… I’m addicted to dogs!) and so I can certainly understand the attraction to any dog much less a little fluffy ball of fur with two blue eyes. Who could resist? Window...
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