Captain Hook

In the summer of 2017, a white domestic ferret with a brown tail, our newest furry weasel, was found wandering around a park in Corona, CA. Ferrets are  commonly kept as pets in CA but still are illegal in this state and it is not uncommon to find them wandering loose as they escape from homes or are set free. They cannot survive as city wildlife or out alone in the wilds of nature so fortunately this little guy  was spotted and taken to an animal shelter, then transferred to Wildworks. Adult ferrets can be hard to introduce to each other as they generally are better friends with animals they meet when they’re young. Not so in the case of Captain Hook. Quite the bonded trio, Tinker Bell, Peter Pan and their new friend could be found cuddling together in their hammock, tube, box or blanket, bouncing playfully around their shared enclosure, or eating together peacefully out of the same bowl at feeding time. 

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