Bungee Bunny


Domestic Rabbit

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His Story

This beautiful white rabbit had a shaky start. His prior owner was in drug counseling and rehabilitation. As part of her therapy she was instructed to take care of some kind of living creature. After purchasing the rabbit, a beautiful cage, and food supplies, she discovered that she was highly allergic to the fur. When Bungee Bunny came to live at Wildworks in the spring of 2007 we attempted to house him with Foxy the fennec fox. Believe it or not, the bunny bossed Foxy around and would not let him down on the ground of the enclosure. Bungee now has an appropriate roommate. He and Hunny, our rescued Flemish Giant rabbit, now share an enclosure and are best friends. Although Hunny Bunny may be three times his size make no mistake--Bungee is still the boss!


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