IMG_0427The Red Fox

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His Story

At the beginning of May 2016, I received a surprise email from The Lindsay Wildlife Experience in Northern CA.

This wonderful living museum houses and displays non-releasable wildlife native to California, and rehabilitates and releases thousands of native critters annually. But the email was about a non-releasable, non-native, orphan that had come their way. An eight week old Red Fox! A lady had found the little guy in her yard, cold, alone, and nearly non-responsive. She brought him to the facility where he was treated with subcutaneous fluids and warmth and the cute little kit bounced back. He then moved to a foster home close-by where he was nurtured in a loving environment preparing him for his future as a possible ambassador. Were we interested? Could Wildworks provide a permanent home for him? Of course I said YES! and on the first available day, I hopped in the car and headed north.

We named him Brush to match our female Red Fox whose name is Fire. In the beginning, he made quite the traveling fox, attending one outreach program and taking a trip with me to visit my brother just outside of Yosemite, where he had his own room and slept on the bed. As I write this, Brush is busily performing the famous fox pounce while destroying my house and  learning about strange species called dogs and cats.

As Brush grew older, he started becoming more of a "wild fox" and stopped wanting to come out for programs. He still wags his tail at his favorite people and goes back to being a kit when he sees his two favorite foxes, Fire and Cory. We hope that one day all of you will meet him during our on-site class appropriately called “Fox on the Run”!

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