Best of the Wild


The Nature of Wildworks annual fundraiser
Best of the Wild
is right around the corner!
It will be held in the Pacific Palisades at the beautiful home of
Neil and Sue Kelley on
Sunday, October 14th, from 4 to 6 pm.

Hors d’ oeuvres, cocktails, prairie dog petting, servals, foxes, hawks on the wing, innumerable gift baskets for pets and people, raffle items, and Unbelievable Never-Before-Told Stories from behind the scenes in the world of wild animals are in store for our guests. You definitely won’t want to miss this most special event of the year!

Catering will be provided by My Sister and I Catering.


This year we have a guest speaker:

Brenda Woodhouse!

Brenda is currently the Department Co-Chair for the Exotic Animal Training and Management Program at America's Teaching Zoo at Moorpark College, and also teaches the students about wildlife education and performance. She knows Mollie from when they both worked the "Wild in the City" show at the LA Zoo. Brenda even helped Mollie set up her first enclosure at Wildworks!


Tickets are $85 per person and can be purchased by clicking the button below.


**Please add the names off all attendees in the notes section when you purchase your tickets.


Mollie Hogan
Brenda and Mark Woodhouse
Neil and Sure Kelley
Lorie Zerweck
Kay Magill
Dotty Corcoran
Tricia Douglas
Carolyn and Jim Gerstley
Chris Conti and Tom Maudlin
Gail Hagopian
Meagan Platt
Nicole Wilson
Denise Lafey
Monica and Harlan Dunahee
Alexis Khan
Shanna Wilson
Raaj Singh
Peter Haberl
Vanessa Vandawalker
Aliki Stilianos
Pricilla Lee
Laura Goggia
Randy and Regan Nelson
Bob Kolb
Rosanne and Carmen SanChez
Nona Green

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