Barred Owl

Barred Owl

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Her Story

Bertha, the barred owl, suffered a head injury while learning to fly. A beautiful, large, species of owl normally found in the northwestern United States, this individual was donated to Wildworks in November 2007 when an Oregon zoo, the High Desert Museum, found itself caring for too many rescued birds. The staff at the museum had heard that we provided lifetime care for non-releasable wild animals (owls can live into their 40s), and our facility was chosen as a perfect new home. Bertha arrived at Wildworks with another new resident bird, Stark, the raven. The two were accompanied by their museum keeper, who transported them on the long road trip from Oregon to California to assure that both birds arrived safely. Bertha now participates in our outreach programs alongside our California natives, Dancer, the barn owl and Hootie, the great-horned owl.

Lifetime care supported by a generous grant from the June Irene Chiltern Healey Foundation

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