Bell came to Wildworks in August of 2011, with her sister Tinker. They were born in Arizona and purchased as a present for someone in California, who never came to pick them up. They were cared for by a nice lady in California for almost a year. At first, she tried to keep one and gave the other to a friend. That didn’t work because they were very bonded to each other and weren’t doing well with the separation. So the decision was made that she would keep both animals and they were reunited. Since ferrets are illegal to have as pets in California, she began looking for a legal home for them and found The Nature of Wildworks. Tinker and Bell became permanent residents at our Wildworks care center and a large new enclosure was constructed just for them. They were very playful in their custom designed habitat which includes shelves, ramps and numerous toys to keep them busy. Sadly, Bell passed away in 2015. We will miss our sweet Bell.

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