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Perimeter Fence Fundraiser

We're starting to build! Our two Wildworkers, Nicole and Meagan, started preparing the goat yards on their last trip to...

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Fidel Kestrel’s Birthday Fundraiser

Fidel Kestrel is celebrating his 21st Birthday! Last year we found out that he might actually be the oldest living American Kestrel on record, so this year we had to make his birthday fiesta great! Fidel told us that the one thing...
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Donate to Pirate’s New Home

Pi-Kitty heard that Cliff's home was completely paid for and was wondering if you would help him out too. Because Pi-Kitty is blind, his enclosure doesn't need to be quite as large as Cliff's (we asked, he said he doesn't want more...

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Donate to Cliff’s New Home

Cliff is moving to Arizona along with the rest of the Wildworks crew, but first, he needs his new home to be built! A very generous anonymous donor has pledged to make a matching donation of $2,500. So we need your help raising the first $2,500! With...
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Thank you for donating to Cliff's new home!

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Feed Your Ex To Cliff

Are you a scorned lover this Valentine's Day? Well we've got this purrrfect thing for you! If you donate $20, we will put your ex's name on something for Cliff the Mountain Lion to tear apart! Videos will be posted on social media for your...

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Captain Hook

In the summer of 2017, a white domestic ferret with a brown tail, our newest furry weasel, was found wandering around a park in Corona, CA. Ferrets are  commonly kept as pets in CA but still are illegal in this state and it...

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