Mission Statement and Goals


Our mission is to provide lifelong quality care for non-releasable wildlife and to engender public respect and concern for all animals and their needs through the presentation of community outreach programs and publications.



Our Goals

  • To maintain the lifetime care of the non-releasable wildlife in our charge, with daily attention to the quality of their lives.
  • To continue and expand our educational outreach wildlife presentations and publications.
  • To acquire the stewardship of a sizeable acreage of undeveloped land which can be maintained as an unspoiled natural habitat sustaining a free-roaming wildlife population.
  • To relocate our community of protected animals into an expanded facility on this land where we may continue their lifelong care under the best of conditions.
  • To maintain this animal care center and wildlife preserve as an educational model for the public.
  • To maintain hiking trails open to the public where wildlife may be freely experienced in nature.
  • To remain faithful to our present and future conservational concerns for all wildlife and its natural habitat, most particularly here in North America.

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