A Letter From Bobby

January 22, 2009
A Letter from Bobby

To my supporters,

I wanted to write and say “Thank You” for sending in the money to fix my sore paws. It was so generous of you to help me and now I can let you know that on January 15th I had my first declaw repair surgery.

Dr. Conrad & assistant wheeling me into the hospital for surgery


Mollie drove me to the paw repair hospital (I like to ride in the car) where Dr. Jennifer Conrad and a crew of very nice people were waiting to meet us.  In fact, everyone at the clinic stopped what they were doing to look at me and say “Isn’t Bobby Beautiful?” Purrrr…

They wheeled me from the car into the surgery room and that was a fun ride too.

Lights Out


I don’t remember much of what happened afterwards but Mollie told me about it later.

The doctors decided to operate on my right front paw because it was bothering me the most. When

My sore paw…ouch!


I was under anesthesia they got a good look at all of my paws and Dr. Conrad said, “These pads look really bad. It’s a good thing we’re taking care of this problem now while Bobby’s young. The soreness is progressive and, later in life, Bobby might have been crippled.”

My friend Mollie wishing me good luck before the surgery


When I woke up in my carrying crate the first thing I saw was Mollie… Purrrr. I felt kind of drowsy but when I got home my animal keepers had decorated my enclosure with new blankets and toys and straw. When I saw my soft house, I felt much better.

I even wanted my dinner (I’m always hungry!)

Ready to go


The doctors shaved all the fur off my paw to do the surgery so it looks a little funny to me. But all the animals understand and nobody here is teasing me. I’m so happy to be home.



I will write again soon and give you more updates on my progress

Thanks again!  PURR….

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