Winged Beauty


Watching You!

Educating Children

Fidel Kestrel


Feathered Elegance



MacFly & Fire

Oliver & Doris



Stark Raven

The Trickster

The Nature of Wildworks is a celebration of all the remarkable diverse creatures with whom we are privileged to share this life on earth. Dedicated to the lifetime quality care of non-releasable wild animals, our wildlife care center houses such diverse species as mountain lions, bobcats, gray fox, barn owl, and many other birds and mammals, most of which are native to the California environment. Our mission is to provide wildlife educational programs and publications teaching people to coexist safely and humanely with wildlife.

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Photos courtesy of Lorie Zerweck, Terry Matkins, Sol Spitz, Emily Karnes, Janine Smith and Peter Haberl.
Logo photograph by Sol Spitz, logo design by Dana D'elia.
Artwork by Kirstyn Teran
Text, photographs and illustrations copyrighted by The Nature of Wildworks, Inc.
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